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Twitter – The Second Most Important Social Network


Brian Campbell in the Social Media Source, points out an interesting articule about the emerging power of Twitter. 

Many people right now consider twitter to be the #1 MOST important social networking website. If you’ve invested all your time in twitter, then it is the most important site for you.

The awesome good news is that we can always have our favorites, but we can use more than one social networking site. Get it out of your head permanently that a certain social network is better than another. You should love all of them :)

How Does Twitter Work?

  1. You get a bunch of people to follow you
  2. You tweet a lot
  3. 30-65% of your tweets have links in them
  4. Every tweet with a link is a little lottery ticket to get traffic to your website

By itself, twitter doesn’t make you any money. You make money by driving people to a website.  It’s pretty simple.

My entire purpose for using any social networking website is to make money. Of course all the really cool people I keep meeting is a bonus, but if I weren’t making millions of dollars using social networking, it wouldn’t be interesting to me at all.

Here’s 4 Steps to Build An Insanely Following on Twitter:

  1. Watch the Twitter Mini Crash Course, learn how to use twitter more effectively in about 11 minutes.
  2. Tweet A lot – your twitter following grows by tweeting
  3. Get Tweetlater Pro (it’s worth every penny if you want to make millions using twitter alone. If you’re happy with mediocre results, go ahead and skip this resource). By using this automated resource, you’ll save so much time and never miss an opportunity.
  4. Grab some new followers automatically by listing in the “Twitter Auto-Follow Directory,” this is a free resource provided by The Social Media Source Blog – the one you’re reading now :)

With all of this amazing social media knowlege, you should be able to drive a massive crowd of super hungry niche maniacs craving your products so badly they beg you to sell them some more stuff!

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  • Absolutely wonderful article. I wonder what will ever become of mankind. Seems like that quick and resourceful will outlive all of our smart people :)
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