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Currently under development. (Comments)

September 15, 2008 • Category: Internet Marketing Resources

Coming back to you soon with the latest Internet marketing trends and news. Stay tuned! Edgar.

Currently under development.

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Ad Networks list exposed (Comments)

Ad Networks list exposed

As a publisher you will have to implement these advertisements on a case by case basis by choosing the ads you want to run. Here it is a comprehensible list of Ad Networks. Take on account that this list is not extensive and is probable to grow, feel free to comment with other websites you [...]

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Duplicate content tips (Comments)

Duplicate content tips

A very interesting articule related to duplicate content for Affiliate Websites found at Affiliate Classroom says that a lot of people have misconceptions about duplicate content — and what happens to duplicate content in Google. Many marketers are concerned that when they write articles, or use syndicated articles (from Ezine Articles, etc.) on their site, [...]


Google Analytics Tips (Comments)

Google Analytics Tips

Google Analytics is a great free software, anyway why using it, you can notice several important things missing, Pete from Search Light Digital, wrote a great post with a list of things you should be doing to get the most of GA:   Tracking clicks on links. Every time you put a link to anything [...]

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Video Marketing on Youtube Tips (Comments)

Video Marketing on Youtube Tips

Youtube is the largest video sharing site to date, with the most traffic and the highest amount of users on it making Youtube the definitive place for getting your videos published and marketed on. Joe Whyte in Search Engine Journal, has put together a great post on tips to get the most of this wonderful [...]

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Email Marketing Best practises (Comments)

Email Marketing Best practises

E- mail marketing is an essential weapon in the Internet Marketing repository, but not every email marketing is good email markiting. Here are some tricks you might find useful as seen in Marketing Vox 1. Make it easy to subscribe. If you have a brick-and-mortar shop, you might have users sign a guest book to [...]

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Currently under development. (Comments)

Currently under development.

Coming back to you soon with the latest Internet marketing trends and news. Stay tuned! Edgar.

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Niche marketing tips (Comments)

Niche marketing tips

Featured below an interview with Kim T. Gordon  about niche marketing Q: What should we know before our company goes after a niche market? A: Most companies, whether big or small, direct their marketing to select niche audiences. Even the country’s largest manufacturers target carefully pinpointed market segments to maximize the effectiveness of their programs [...]

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Organization Is the #1 Tip for PPC (Comments)

Organization Is the #1 Tip for PPC

Interesting post about organization in PPC as seen in Search Engine Journal by Kate Morris. [...] When people ask what the best tips are for PPC, they assume the answer is some tool for bid management, trick in writing ads, or must have for landing page optimization. What is the best tip for real? Organize [...]


Seo Tools Arsenal (Comments)

Seo Tools Arsenal

As seen in Search Engine Journal, Ann Smarty has put together a great compilation of SEO tools not to be missed: All tools listed below fall under the following criteria: they are all useful for SEOs; they are all web-based (no desk-top ones or FireFox extensions so far); they are all free. Table of Contents: [...]

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Copywriting efectivo para tus anuncios de texto en buscadores (Comments)

(Este artículo fue originalmente escrito para anuncios de texto en la plataforma de Yahoo Search Marketing, aunque la mayoría de principios son aplicables para Google Adwords, los límites de caracteres en ambos sistemas varían – 25 para títulos y 2 líneas de 35 para descripción Google, 60 para título y 70 para descripción en Yahoo [...]

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Twitter for brands video (Comments)

Twitter for brands video

“Growing Your Brand on Twitter: Strategies and Tactics from the Trenches.” 66 min video about a Twitter marketing experts hosted by Parnassus Group, Some interesting points that may help your marketing strategy also some great twitter tools the panelist use.

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Effective Web CopyWriting (Comments)

Effective Web CopyWriting

Write Effective Web Copy is not an easy task, Herman Drost, wrote and interesting articule about how to do it well: Writing effective web copy begins with an understanding of what the goals of your web site are. Are you trying to get your visitors to purchase something or have them sign up for your [...]